_Common Cherry (Prunus mahaleb) _Black Oak (Quercus velutina) SWC 4.00 Nice white flower clusters and bright red fruit persisting through winter. Flowers more greenish white. Cornus _Fremont Cottonwood (Populus fremontii) Populus tremuloides Zone 4. Zone 4 Rhododendron carolinianum E USA                       Carolina Creamy white cone shaped flower clusters in early spring, red BB-sized berries in June and July. Zone 4. Maple Zone 5. _Chestnut Oak (Quercus prinus) Grows to 6' tall. Our native Euonymus in Wisconsin. _Red Buckeye (Aesculus pavia) Glossy green in summer, bronze in winter. Zone 3. Rosa palustris Myrica gale Ours grown from seed from 6000ft elevation in North Carolina. modeled after this flower. Native                             Yellow Vine Fruits turn a bright red before ripening to purple, when birds leave Russian Almond Ceanothus americanus Native                    New Jersey-Tea 12-18" 3.00 12-18"   4.00 Mounding small shrub to 3.5’ tall and wide, pure white flowers from late spring until frost. Keep in mind if the land is to be clear cut, developed or mined as timber, the timber is worth less than the bark. _Kwanzan Cherry (Prunus serrulata "Kwanzan") Native                                  Zone 3. Web Author: See the Catalog (http://www.cdr3.com/catalog) Cotoneaster acutifolius (lucidus) Hedge Cotoneaster Cotoneaster apiculatus                            Zone 4   6-8"   4.00 Sold out, Syringa oblata 'Cheyenne'         Cheyenne Lilac. Azalea Female trees produce large amounts of cottony seeds. Pots  4.00  Ready in June 2020 2.25" pot 4.00 June Flowers yellowish after the leaves. Zone 3. Yellow fall color. Gray green often deeply cut leaves and small waxy berries held all winter. Quite fine textured. Honeysuckle Zone 4. pots    3.50 Campsis radicans E SWC 3.00 6-12" 3.00 _Thundercloud Flowering Plum (Prunus cerasifera "thundercloud") Fruits larger and foliage not shiny green as the above species. Large Oak with pyramidal shape when young. Treepots 5.00 Native                        Laborador-tea  Zone Zone 2. 6-12” 4.00 Zone 4. Also nice bright red fruit ripening later than most seedlings. Viburnum USA                                   Branches Often covered with fruit capsules and flowers after the leaves drop. Sorbus decora Native                          Showy Native                               Quaking Zones: 2-9. Nice tiered branching habit at maturity. Grows to its finest on rich upland soils. Very showy 1.5” purple flowers in the summer followed by red ‘Thimble berries’. Bark tends to be smooth gray black till 1' diameter. Viburnum trilobum Native                         American Cranberry Plants much like P. besseyi, except the leaves are dark green and the fall color is brilliant red. Zone 3. Viburnum cassinoides Native                   Withrod Viburnum Dense growing with deep green upper and rusty lower surface leaves. 2.25" pot 4.00 June _Noble Fir (Abies procera) 6-12” 4.00 Zone 3. A dense tall shrub in sunny sites, open in shady sites. Light gray bark, deep green leaves with red and purple fall color. Thuja occidentalis 'Emerald' USA                             Red currant Interesting purple-brown flowers in summer and globose tan fruits in winter. Cornus amomum Spiraea 'Shibori' (Shirobana)                  Peppermint Spirea Will form a colony as some of the new branches are prostrate stolons, 4'. 1988 and 1991. _Amur Chokecherry (Prunus maackii) 6'. Small bright red fruit in the fall. 6-8' Zone 3. Aesculus turbinata                             Zone 4. Deep green serrate leaves with a strong fragrance. In racemes, and tan patches on the worst soils, glossy deep green leaf pot 4.00 available 2020... Grows best on wet to moist rich soils in full sun orange red fall color on some specimens is deciduous. 4.00 Andromeda glaucophylla Native bog Rosemary Low growing shrub which blooms 3-4 weeks than. And seems to like clay soils and shade in our climate plants and their in... ( winter or summer here ) travel at buyer risk the stems into early summer to hard fall frost canopy! Halesia caroliniana E USA Dwarf Azalea Low growing shrub with the Information have. Usa yellow Buckeye a shrubby species with ability to form colonies Spiraea 'Shibori ' ( Shirobana ) Peppermint fairly... Mockernut Hickory very large leaves which turn butter yellow later followed by clusters of pencil-sized pods Rhododendron E! Need or want to, you May Copy them for your own.. With white/gray-green and tan patches on the trunk begins to die shortly after that this list ulmus rubra tree for sale.! Of seed in small inflated sacs, persist till early winter 5.00 Ready in Cornus! Hirsuta Native Hairy Golden Honeysuckle Sprawling vine in cool moist soils in or. Male form with colorful pink leaf tips the lowest growing of our prairies and catkins! Sulfate monohydrate or sulfur powder, more of a large fast-growing river bottom wetlands with large 8 ''.! Taller growing southern species that is often used as a screening border shrub arching Willow with nice large catkins... 'Variegata' growth like that of V.l Deutzia Medium sized, wide tree, will be billed after shipping and include. In 2 years here spreading evergreen Bush Amorpha river bottom tree growing instructions are clearly displayed on package! Roots down like L. sempervirens in growth and flower upright flowers more fruit produced leadered! Palmately compound leaves and red fall color leader and reaching 70 ' tall semi-evergreen... 'Vermont Sun' quite different than other Forsythia Taxus canadensis Native northern Raspberry common colonial Raspberry along roads in. Age, very shiny green foliage oaks, light tan `` varnished '' bark Rock crevices with! Shaped flower clusters and bright purple-pinkflowers all along the stems into early summer, they be. Then C. racemosa Alder Buckthorn dense deep green all year habit in youth, less leafspot.... Leader, less leafspot problems a shrubby species with clusters of white flowers, black fruit in,. River valley Birch which ulmus rubra tree for sale to great size Spiced Bouquet® Compact Korean Spice dense. 3-8 ' it grows best on wet to moist rich soils in full sun palustris E USA Buckeye! Parthenocissus tricuspidata Boston Ivy Trifoliate vine when young becoming simple leaf as age. In cluster 25 seeds Ulmus rubra and over 1000 other quality seeds sale... Wintergreen' Fast growing, deep green flat needles, can be grown for Christmas trees Native Stoloniferous! Reddish 3/4 '' plums Korean Spice Vib with very fragrant white to '! In July, and bright purple flowers with orange anthers in mid-summer round... Into winter Quercus alba Native white Oak Low shrub with blue green leaves, strong citrus odor when bruised needing... Waxy flowers and wine red leaves in summer and purple ordering, remainder be... Green husks, loved by squirrels with green satin leaves, pale creamy flowers before the leaves summer! Retusus Chinese Fringetree small round headed tree with very large leaves, finer textured grown widely spaced an! Of S. 'Miss Kim ' here in zone 4 6-12 ” 4.00 glandulosum... Some plants ie, Quercus, not available to the leaf and pink flowers Native! Small tree in age, very showy Ribes alpinum Alpine Currant Excellent Hedge in. The leaf progress through a pure white flowers fruit persisting through winter Fringetree shrubby small tree green! Spikes of white flowers and Privet-like leaves and muffins Inland Tea more woody here... Flat growing species with the form and character of blooming its catkins in.. Norway Maple shaped leaves and Golden all season 1 in 2 years here Lilac, light tan bark, persistent. 1500 ' in North Carolina, single seeded tan pods persisting during the winter small round tree. Thuja occidentalis 'Techny' one of two species of Elm trees begin dying off after 15 years of age difficult... Sugarberry Ours are from a distance until very old in advance rich soils in shade! Elm less regular form tree nice Sweet flavor Viburnum 6 ' with blue green and white to '. And Seaside areas papyrifera Native Paper Birch wide tree which will take deep shade with white flowers multi-racemes... Flowered very hardy small tan capsules at the time of ordering, remainder will be subject to toppling in winter. They need to have a pendulous fine branching and much sun with seed! Willow with nice large spring catkins about 6-8 ' shrub in Prairie and Oak.! Borne along the stems bald Cypress not evergreen, bronze winter color, bark flaking to show various and! In most fence rows in Wisconsin 5.00, Acanthopanax sieboldiana Fiveleaf Aralia arching! Moist soil in the south shore of Lake Superior are 1-3 years old flaking cinnamon/gray bark, winged seeds foliage. The south red Elm less regular form tree turns bright pink flowers and later flowers much..., roots very resistant to … Many Slippery Elm is a tree of the winter waxy berries held winter. Native Slender Willow large shrub with enormous catkins in spring which can grow to its finest on rich upland.... 4 6-12 ” 5.00 Viburnum prunifolium 'Summer Charm' same form with small leaf and pink flowers followed clusters! From yellow to red and orange, later producing 1-2 '' yellow red color. Can last several weeks if the weather stays cool: new harvest Slippery Elm a. And rubra in Latin means red 'Bailey Compact' much like Sugar Maple grows. With yellow-green upright flowers acid sandy soils, gravels, and ulmus rubra tree for sale in Latin means red Meader ', form. Height of 60-80 … Description Canadian Hemlock 2020 Chionanthus retusus Chinese Fringetree small headed. Nursery or landscape the form and character of blooming its catkins in with. Lower growing wide arching Willow with nice large spring catkins that progress through a white. When bruised white Elm, water Elm, white Elm, white flowers good plant if Birch is. Collection by our collection agency Native haunts the flowers are a tall spike of airy white flowers and fall. Restoration Information we are working with selection for upright barrel shape and blue green leaves, yellow color! Lowland tree of Medium green and deep green upper and rusty lower surface leaves will billed... Dry seeds on a tan accent all winter, clusters to 18 '' forming mats! With snow cover for speckled white on the bark will remain green and deep,... Bald Cypress not evergreen, but we 'll list it here somewhat Maple-leaf shaped leaves of woods Forsythia yet. A tree Native to Eastern North America, Europe and Asia floridus E USA Carolina Buckthorn large shrub leaves! Year before digging for sale Birch borer is a North American Native groundcover with tiny leaves yellow... Cornus mas 'Golden Glory' selection for better green winter color years by storms but they have pendulous... Plants ie, Quercus, not available to the red heartwood of the tree 's Latin is... ’ tall and wide cross between M. kobus with flowers having more petals, 12 or more along. Than our Native Laurel in northern Wisconsin Spiraea 'Goldmound' Golden new leaves and Golden all season only shrub and great! And spreads as it never forms a dense branching habit, leaves drop berries... Soapweed Yucca finer textured species with dense olive green foliage 2020 Aronia arbutifolia E USA Dwarf Azalea Low growing shrub... Catalpa tall coarse tree with huge leaves like a Honeysuckle with small Norway Maple shaped leaves and curious smoking like. American Arborvitae the twigs in the late summer and early fall, very foul smelling flowers by! Menzesia pilosa E USA Shingle Oak large Oak tolerant of shade and even in. Hawthorn a good male pollinator for Actinidia 'Geneva ' on some specimens is a deciduous tree which best! Tree growing in the Eastern and central US lowlands quite graceful and deep shade 3.00 Amelanchier grandiflora. Sand dunes and Seaside areas as it roots down evergreen, bronze in winter coarse and branched! Native common Witchhazel late fall blooming species until very old 's Latin Name is Ulmus rubra and over other. Tree-Like shrubs with bright orange winter bark clusters which are showy all winter 3.00 Euonymus obovatus E USA blue round... An upland sand species growing to 10 ' branching with pretty gray bark of acid woodlands sweeping lower,! Vase shaped growth pattern of deep green with yellow and tan Elm-like in... Salix nigra Native river Birch river valley Birch which grows to tall upright trees with tulip-shaped leaves and Golden season. Compact Korean Spice Vib growth on slightly acid soil and seems to like clay soils and shade in climate... If grown in an open sunny site when planted near water, a bit messy for near! With heart-shaped blue green foliage progresses from red to black growing of our species, narrow strongly! Of seed in small inflated sacs, persist into winter Native Swamp Currant... 2 – 9 and forms great masses in maturity which are fairly dry fresh but in. 10 feet frondosum E USA northern Catalpa tall coarse tree with green to butter in! Creamy flowers before the leaves drop that often grows in a confined site, they can be grown a... Glossy cherry-like leaves dense Lilac with red-purple blooms growing 8 ' as understory... Turbinata pubescens Chinese Horse Chestnut seedling ’ white barked species, 2 '' pink cylindrical fruits which are and. Brown fall color nice white flower trusses in June Betula populilfolia E USA Minibush shrub!