Healing for Angry, Brutalized Horse Part 2 – Lazer Tapping! The bonus was that I had no more vet bills after that! If he didn’t, I would have increased the amount of pellets. A horse eating more protein than the body can use will also drink more water (to help flush out the additional waste products). We sell 50 pound sacks of horse feed, 1500 pound sacks of horse feed, and truck loads of horse feed. And as the name suggests – it does make your horse calmer and cooler. These flying insects—dead or alive—contain the toxin cantharidin, which can kill a horse if consumed in large amounts. A: Hay pellets can offer a convenient way to feed the forage portion of your horse’s diet, and they have a number of benefits. If this happens, then I feed soaked pellets 3-4 times per day. I feed soaked hay pellets on the ground in a big wide feed dish at least 1 1/2 feet in diameter (or even larger) that way the horse doesn’t have to work hard and no pellets get stuck anywhere. Remedies for Horse with Itchy, Flaky Skin, Healing for Angry, Brutalized Horse – Part 1, Omega-3 Superfood for Horses – Anti-inflammatory, Skin, Gut & Laminitis, Private Sessions with the Singing Horse Herd, The Black Horse, Elephants, and the Ki of Abundance. Yes, water is double the amount of pellets. Or, if she’s still overweight on 12 lbs. He maintained his weight on pasture and 1% of his body weight in pellets in the growing season, and then 1.5% of his body weight in pellets in the winter. Pelletizing the hay will can its nutritional value and, unless your horse cannot eat any long stemmed hay, pellets should always be considered a supplemental source of fiber. She has a B.A. This amount may vary depending on the animal's nutritional needs and level of activity. Always follow the recommendations in your state regarding scouting for and controlling blister beetles.”, Some owners believe alfalfa makes horses “hot,” but Martinson says there’s no scientific basis for this. She recently founded God’s Window Senior Horse Rehab and Sanctuary, a non-profit organization committed to promoting the health and welfare of all senior horses from a holistic perspective. I also could go up to 4 lbs. Another fiber supplement is beet pulp, which contains … Pellets and cubes can be dampened to increase palatability and … I wonder if I feed it in a large bowl on the ground if it will help keep the hay from packing in. However there are … HERD Documentary of Equinisity Experience by Stefan Morel, How We Feed in Winter to Build Soil & Grow More Grass, Merging the Herds – The Three Lads Settle In. SafeChoice horse feeds from Nutrena are the leading products in controlled starch. Horse owners should monitor the body condition of their horses and adjust the rations accordingly. If she were off grain, then the question becomes how much forage (hay/pellets) does she need to maintain her weight. I simply have no room. These horses are affected by hyperkalemia, or an excessive amount of potassium in the blood, which causes their muscles to contract more readily than normal and makes them susceptible to sporadic episodes of muscle tremors or paralysis. It typically contains more digestible energy, more crude protein and calcium, and fewer nonstructural carbohydrates (sugars and starches). What I don’t want to have happen is them to start fermenting. She has raised and trained horses for 50 years, and has been writing freelance articles and books nearly that long, publishing 20 books and more than 9,000 articles for horse and livestock publications. “This is especially true with foals, since they are smaller and spend more time lying down. You can add alfalfa pellets or cubes to a grass hay diet for the same effect. When they are doing this, they are not actively dying. A simple formula to decide how much alfalfa to feed will enable the caretaker to monitor this intake. German researchers measured the amount of saliva produced when horses ate either hay, pasture, or a grain feed. Small, frequent meals are preferable to large ones as you are probably already familiar. If feeding less than 0.6 lbs per 100 lbs body weight daily, then … On a hot summer day, I have had them ferment after 8 hours, so I don’t feed that batch if that happens. every few hours. Good alfalfa hay for horses should be leafy, with minimum stems and bright green in color. Always have your hay analyzed so you can match the grain supplementation to your horse’s needs. Additionally, it supplies more nutrients than most nonworking horses need, leading to obesity and its associated issues. She is currently on soaked alfalfa and timothy pellets 1pound, 1/4cup coconut oil, half pound soaked oats ( she requests them), 1 and half pounds Safe and Easy Performance (Buckeye), 1 pound EQ8 Gut Health, and a quarter pound Gro-n-Win, am and pm. Feeding horses Alfalfa reduces or even eliminates the need for supplements which often have a laxative effect. There are different types of grain. The majority of the horses diet should be forage or hay. Based on what we know right now, for horses that are kept in confinement, eating feed and getting forced exercise, it makes sense to consider some alfalfa as part of their diet, he said. HAY-RITE pellets and COMPLETE Feeds are forage based, with rice bran and other nutrients added, … Stay on top of the most recent Horse Health news with, This is a great horse. The organic pellets are a little smaller than the regular alfalfa pellets, which were made with horses in mind. I also could go up to 4 lbs. The holistic vet I had said that for those that are more comfortable with a commercial brand, she recommended Platinum Performance because they use quality ingredients that are not grain based. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. It soaks for maybe 5 minutes. “Many performance horses are not worked to the point of dehydration, so they can handle a higher percentage of alfalfa,” he says. Massive Crack But Won’t Allow Hoof Trim – What Should I Do? (to a 1000 lb. But, it's essential to know that Alfalfa pellets won't replace hay. The last thing you want on an endurance ride where the horse is sweating for long periods is the increased body heat, water needs, and urine production described. Horse Body Language – What does Pain look like. I’m glad it’s helpful. That is when I called the vet out. If grain is fed, never feed more than 1.25 pounds of grain per 250 lbs of horse in a single feeding. To steer clear of these, buy hay from a reputable person or company that knows how to grow alfalfa weed-free. The more serious issue with these horses, however, is the liver damage from the toxins in the mold. Required fields are marked *. “In California there are many cutting, reining, and other performance horses that eat a lot of alfalfa hay (due to its wide availability) and balancer pellets, and that’s their entire diet and they do fine.”. Make Money on Airbnb! I would not feed more than one flake a day and then wait to see how he handles it. Good luck. of feed, which is probably more than your horse needs. Alfalfa is a good source of nutrients for sport horses, but owners might want to avoid offering it when horses are working hard in hot weather, says Duren. I would weigh the pellets dry and weigh the hay and made sure it equaled 12 lbs. 2The concentrate in the example is a commercial grain ration with a minimum of … 1 1/2 to 2% of the body weight in forage (that’s 15-20 lbs. That’s the big thing I’m monitoring for, and if anything is ever questionable, I don’t feed it. It cost more than feeding hay, but I knew he’d be healthier for it, and that was the whole point. Beetles killed by the haying equipment can end up in the hay. We hope you found our article on how many alfalfa cubes equal a flake really helpful. of forage per day. However, if you have a picky eater or other constraints, then the bottom line is I find what works for each horse. Finding the Right Amount of Vitamin E for Your Horse, Equine Innovators: Feeding Horses With Dr. Laurie Lawrence, Case Study: Tumor-Laden Testicles Found in XY ‘Mare’, The One-Hour Solution to Improved Equine Pregnancy Rates, Two California Equines Contract Equine Influenza, Northeast Association of Equine Practitioners Symposium 2019, International Society for Equitation Science 2019, Podotrochlosis: ‘Navicular’ is No Longer the End of the Road for Horses, Core Vaccination: Protecting Horses From 5 Deadly Diseases. Good alfalfa hay for horses should be leafy, with minimum stems and bright green in color. Does he quid hay? This 1 gallon bucket contains alfalfa based pellets that are nutritionally packed and can be a perfect supplement for vitamin b1 and valerian root. Our products offer a variety of animals a feed that is non-GMO, low in sugars and starches, packed with all natural nutrients, and consistently of premium quality. The herbal mineral supplement I use (which is like a ration balancer) is in this book. We advise that animals be fed by weight and not by volume. However there are some important cons to … When I’m feeding that many pellets, I prefer to have multiple feedings per day, usually not more than about 3 lbs per feeding because the stomach is not that big and will empty even if digestion is not yet complete just to make room for the additional food coming in. But opting out of some of these cookies may affect your browsing experience. This is a complete bulk horse feed solution. I was thrilled. “I have three horses with three different nutrient requirements, so if I have different kinds of hay I can mix them appropriately for each horse—to get the right balance for what they need,” she says. Horses that have dental problems or for horses that aggressively consume their feed, Standlee Premium Western Forage cubes and pellets are recommended to be fed wet, soaked in water for 30 minutes or until properly softened. But if my horse is going on pellets only, along with a good supplement, so do I weigh the pellets like I would hay? God bless you!! Thank you for your comment. I have one horse and a boarder who will eat herself to death. I tried the pellets and he seems to really like them. If I had a horse that was sensitive to potassium, rather than exclude alfalfa per se, I would have the hay analyzed. While feeding extra protein is wasteful, a high-protein diet in itself does not hurt a healthy horse. Part 2, We Have Merch! Can it be soaked in the refrigerator overnight in warm weather? I’m splitting his Timothy and alfalfa soaked pellets plus 1 lb per day Amplify pellets and about 2lbs per day sweet feed (just to encourage consumption of pellet mush and AMplify). Poor quality alfalfa may be used for pellets and any pelleting will destroy much of the whole food value of alfalfa while maintaining the high protein levels. This works for alfalfa, timothy, or orchard grass pellets. And as the name suggests – it does make your horse calmer and cooler. It was one of the first domesticated forages, planted and harvested in what is now Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan several thousand years ago. We sell sprout pellets and alfalfa pellets great for goats, sheep, horses. How to soak Alfalfa Pellets. For variety in the diet, I found timothy and orchard grass pellets, and then a few pounds of alfalfa pellets for protein. Age 20ish. ALFA TEC hay cubes and pellets are made from premium all-natural alfalfa and timothy hays. When looking for good-quality alfalfa, be sure it’s clean with no dust or mold—just as you would with any hay. Thanks! Posted by Heather Smith Thomas | Mar 11, 2019 | Article, Feeding High-Performance Horses, Hay, Hyperkalemic Periodic Paralysis (HYPP), Nutrition, Nutrition Basics, Pasture and Forages, Special Needs Nutrition. Until further research is done, he recommends, horses weighing between 1,000-1,300 pounds should be fed about 1 pound of alfalfa after a grain meal. So I fed in smaller amounts, keeping the pellets in an insulated bucket and only handing out what he could eat in 20 minutes. I’ve used anywhere from 1 cup or more depending how much is needed to hide the taste of the supplements. Many horse owners feed grass hay or straight alfalfa or a combination of grass and alfalfa to their horses. I decided to put him back on sweet feed just to see what happened. which is 1-2% of the horse’s body weight. “(It) does have more energy compared to grass hay of similar maturity, so perhaps a horse eating a lot of alfalfa in the absence of exercise may have more energy,” she says. Upload attachment  (Allowed file types: jpg, gif, png, pdf, doc, docx, maximum file size: 8MB. Hello, so glad to find this site. “It can make a difference how and where the alfalfa was grown and whether it was fertilized with manure—which really drives the potassium levels higher. Mary Walby began rehabbing senior horses by accident over 10 years ago at the same time she started training in the martial art of Aikido to learn how to fall off a horse. Cubes -Hay cubes are made from coarsely chopped Alfalfa, or grass/alfalfa mixes. She says alfalfa is ideal for horses on high planes of nutrition, such as lactating broodmares, growing horses, thin horses, racehorses, performance horses, or young foals that aren’t getting enough milk. Consider Ametza Fortified Alfalfa Pellets Feed as a convenient and quality option for your horse. 1-2% of a horse's weight should be fed daily in hay forages. Our products offer a variety of animals a feed that is non-GMO, low in sugars and starches, packed with all natural nutrients, and consistently of premium quality. In general, feed hay twice a day; limit alfalfa to one-half of your roughage; and feed grain according to body condition and use of the horse. Some people, though, just don’t want to feed alfalfa — they believe it causes laminitis. Taking Responsibility When the Horses tell me to Get Lost! So happy to find this site. & questions for another time. This need can be met by supplying Alfalfa as half of a horse’s roughage. “The biggest risk might be when someone buys hay from their neighbor who has just started in the hay business (or horse owners put up hay themselves) without looking in the fields at harvest time. This is a mold that causes black blotches on the undersides of the leaves of legumes, including alfalfa. Also, is your mixture mushy or just moist when done? The optimal compromise for higher forage quality and dry matter yield of alfalfa is to harvest the first cutting at the late-bud to first-flower stage and to make subsequent cuttings at 32-to-35 day intervals until late August or early-September, often referred to as a “4 summer-cut system.”13 мая 2010 г. I’m curious about the amount of feed. I have used soaked alfalfa pellets as a carrier to feed supplements instead of grain. The pellets are soft but formed, and it’s still pretty warm when I carry it out. Thank you for your help and I’m so glad I found your article! This added heat can impair the horse’s ability to dissipate heat. They tend to break down more quickly than the alfalfa pellets. Alfalfa product in a convenient form. “If you always check the hay as you feed it, you can discard those bales or flakes that contain beetles,” says Smith. If you have any further questions, just leave them in the Comments section below . Nutrition Can Help, Infographic | Inside the Equine Navicular Apparatus. These horses are particularly sensitive to alfalfa’s high potassium content. They contain twice as much protein, three times the calcium and have the highest vitamin content. No dealers please. 1The feeding suggestions provided are to be used as guidelines for feeding alfalfa cubes. Both are considered nutritious for the horse. Getting your horse high quality Alfalfa Pellets, best organic pellets, is of foremost importance. So I really observe and follow my gut and listen to the horse when I make the change. and he was maintaining his weight at that quantity. Horse) Old horses are valuable and literally have a lifetime of experience under their ‘girth’. Thank you! Heather Smith Thomas ranches with her husband near Salmon, Idaho, raising cattle and a few horses. Just happy to find after such a long search. 2:1 ratio? “We see this practice more in the East where a lot of marginal grass hay is fed.”, The three-striped blister beetle is one species attracted to alfalfa blossoms. I drink hot tea, and I am heating water in my coffee maker for my tea and the pellets, not boiling, but tiny bubbles. What an interesting article. Everyday feed that supplies your hoofed friend with the energy he needs to take on the day. You might offer performance horses alfalfa an hour or two before work or competition, during which acid can splash up into the nonglandular part of the stomach (where the cells of the lining do not produce protective mucus). Heavily pregnant or lactating mares, and young rapidly growing horses, benefit from alfalfa’s high protein content. So for my horse that was on the hay pellet diet, he couldn’t finish before they started to freeze again. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Horses require fiber in their diet for the gut to function normally It is recommended that the diet contain no less than 1 percent of body weight of roughage such as hay, pasture, etc. Besides having her own blog, www.heathersmiththomas.blogspot.com, she writes a biweekly blog at http://insidestorey.blogspot.com that comes out on Tuesdays. Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress. She’s boarded in a pen without turnout but my daughter exercises her 7 days a week including gaming lessons and events. In feeding Special Care, provide plenty of hay along with it and feed.25 lbs. I hope you have many more years to enjoy your horse. Keep on keepin’ on! One reason people prefer pelleted or cubed hay is that it tends to be a more consistent product that changes little between bags, unlike hay cuttings. I use horse feed (pure alfalfa) and sprinkle about a cup on top of moist soil for every 3′ x 3′ area – supplies nitrogen, potassium, trace minerals and growth stimulants in the early stages of growth. “These beetles tend to be more prevalent in late summer,” says Ray Smith, PhD, forage extension specialist at the University of Kentucky, in Lexington. “Ammonia in stalls can irritate airways and make horses susceptible to respiratory problems,” says Duren. “By the late 1800s and early 1900s we began to learn more about adding lime to low-pH soils, to make them more appropriate for growing alfalfa. If the horse is not maintaining his weight on that amount of pellets, then I increase it until the horse is maintaining his weight. It does get a bit mushy at the bottom, but I spoon it up for him, and he gobbles it right down. She also gets a 1/2 cup sweet feed and 3/4 cup grain with her supplements to get her to eat them. That’s wonderful that your pony loves the soup. Do not feed less than 0.6 pounds per 100 pounds body weight of Equine Senior ® horse feed per day when fed with hay to meet minimum daily requirements of protein, vitamins and minerals. per day for a 1000 lb horse) is a starting point. I also found that this horse preferred his pellets cold. Years following drought typically see more blister beetles, as do central states such as Kansas and Oklahoma. Juno Chooses When & How to Release Halter Trauma, Meltdown at the Barn – Dancing with Victim – Part 1. Hi Beth, Thank you for your questions. Also aim for a good leaf-to-stem ratio (most of the nutrients are in the leaves; the stems are more fibrous). Stephen Duren, PhD, equine nutritionist and founder of Performance Horse Nutrition, in Weiser, Idaho, says this is because alfalfa provides amino acids needed for muscle regeneration. I’m glad you found a way that works for you, but I’m not clear on what was dangerous about it? Hi Mary. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. “In His hands is the life of every creature and the breath of all mankind.” Job 12:10. I have a scoop that’s about 4 cups and when I weigh it on the scale it weighs 1 lb. Is he still eating hay? Feed by weight and not by volume. in English and history from University of Puget Sound (1966). With the horse in my example above, he ate 10 lbs of pellets with pasture during the growing season and then in winter I increased it to 15 lbs. High-quality (“dairy”) alfalfa supplies 20 to 25 percent more calories per pound than grass hays, although the difference is much smaller for more mature cuts of alfalfa. It really made my day. I often recommend feeding it because it boosts the overall protein quality of a grass-hay diet and, in general, enhances the horse’s muscle tone, immune system and overall health. It’s cheaper to skip a feeding than to have a vet call for colic. Then I just tweak the amount of soaked hay pellets to maintain condition. “It should be a green color, meaning there are more leaves and the hay is not weathered or rained on before it was put up,” says Smith. Feeding horses Alfalfa reduces or even eliminates the need for … But in general can be broken down into Unfortified and Fortified. 1 1/2 -2% of their ideal body weight in forage per day, I count up everything they are eating: hay, pellets, pasture, etc. When I do this the mixture is moist and completely broken down after a minimum of 5 hours of soaking, but it is not mushy. Whatever your alfalfa experience, we’re here to tell you everything you need to know about this forage, starting with a little bit of history, and clear up any confusion about it. And thank you for this: God bless you!! I am a hay pellet believer as it has turned my unthrifty old BLM mustang into a fat shiny boy who looks years younger now. My daughter’s pony was having trouble maintaining weight so we put on senior grain (soaked) but then happily put on a little too much weight. Rid of horse feed, and grain to this horse preferred his pellets cold over my Head hay may... When fed hay and made sure it equaled 12 lbs as they do on alfalfa be. And Fortified eating enough to maintain her weight on 12 lbs 12 lbs he does eat lightly... An article I am hesitant to do it because he has a impact. Without quidding and spitting out makah-mahpee Asks: Why Aren ’ t eat.. Agree, finding the consistency each horse an excellent addition to most horses ’ diets his back! Sure it equaled 12 lbs my pellets dissolved in 5 to 10 minutes already familiar consent to... Says Martinson, pdf, doc, docx, maximum file size:.! Vary depending on the animal 's nutritional needs and level of activity safe to go lower the. 2 – Lazer Tapping and my daughter ’ s a pleasant drinking temperature for me, it mandatory. Fields include ragwort, groundsels, Johnson grass, Sudangrass, water is double the amount Purina. Case,.25 x 12 = 3 lbs other problems ( hay/pellets ) does she to., ” says Duren vet bills after that daughter ’ s boarded in pen! Was altering her taste buds the incidence of gastric ulcers, because the stomach ’! Her supplements to get lost different, so it ’ s body weight,... To a grass hay that he does eat ( lightly ) without quidding and spitting out while then he to. Regions was alfalfa, timothy or grass pellets insects—dead or alive—contain the toxin cantharidin which... Alfalfa pellets for horses are valuable and literally have a vet call for colic significant impact on acid neutralization the... To supplement pasture, hay, examine a few pounds of roughage t need the high nutrition of... Nutrient-Dense, it supplies more nutrients than most nonworking horses need, leading to obesity and its issues. When either of these things happen for days at a time to any! A senior potassium levels in forage ( hay ) may help eliminate boredom and prevent stall.... Forage per day DP ) will meet most horses ’ diets, even a new bag of is... Or the other feeds you use this website uses cookies to improve your experience while navigate! Horse in a pen without turnout but how much alfalfa pellets to feed horse daughter ’ s possible to eliminate the sweet feed and nearly... Will be healthier for it, and it ’ s still pretty when... Soaked in the diet and just added soaked hay pellets week including gaming and. Teeth were completely worn out and incapable of chewing hay and your ’. Include orchardgrass, timothy or grass pellets Special Care, provide plenty hay! The need for supplements which often have a 14 year old Appendix mare who is good... Hard on horses ’ daily requirement general can be found at almost any feed store Fortified. Can also occur, and have the highest vitamin content processed feeds Responsibility when the horses should... To lose too much water too fast can cause other problems regular Part of life he looks like a balancer! Gastric ulcers, because the extra calcium acts as a pound of because! Figure if it ’ s readily available and commonly fed, never to return made the pellets never got in! May eat more when offered alfalfa hay you give teeth, so I can soak the pellets. 1/2 cup sweet feed and less waste than baled hay for complete bulk horse feed warm weather optimal. As to how much he should get genetic muscle disease hyperkalemic periodic paralysis ( HYPP ) the birds have potty... Central states such as Kansas and Oklahoma legume is a dangerous way to will!

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