Certain VT Funds, VantagePoint has an excellent reputation when it comes to making highly accurate predictions. After considering a number of factors, including market conditions and the ongoing low interest rate environment, the Board concluded that it is in the best interest of shareholders to liquidate and terminate the Fund. Anything can be right some of the time, but I have found this software program to be consistently … Discover VantagePoint The VT PLUS Fund and the Vantagepoint Funds are collective investment trust funds (CITs). This Site contains information from Vantage Investment Management Limited about the investment funds it manages: the Vantage Global Investment Fund (the "Funds"). An index is not available for direct investment, is unmanaged, and does not reflect the costs of portfolio management or trading. Vantagepoint Investment Advisers, LLC employs a structured, multi-product, multi-manager approach in managing the Fund. b. This bibliometric approach enables analysts to quickly explore data on any topic. An overview of the management, performance and expenses, investment characteristics, and other information about the Vantagepoint PLUS Fund. --Credit Ratingsa,b-- Market- Rate/ Effective Rate Final Issuer/Fund Book Value (BV) Fund BV Contract ID Moody cS&P Fitch to-Bookd Yielde Durationk Typef Start Date Maturity Dateg Tier 3 - Laddered Maturity Focusa Tier 3 - Traditional GICsa Jackson National Life Ins. Investment returns and principal value will fluctuate, so that an investor's shares, when redeemed, may be worth more or less than their original cost. The performance and total expense ratio shown do not reflect any such alternative fee arrangements. Still not sure about VantagePoint? 4. In addition, the Fund invests in money market mutual funds, as well as cash and cash equivalents. Additional Information About Restrictions on PLUS Fund Public Employer Withdrawals and Transfer Restrictions: In the event an Employer initiates withdrawal of all or part of its Plan’s assets from the PLUS Fund, the payout of such assets may be deferred for a period of up to twelve months. With the help of Capterra, learn about VantagePoint, its features, pricing information, popular comparisons to other Survey products and more. A research tool for real estate professionals. VantagePoint provides: • Mobile Capabilities: FactoryTalk VantagePoint EMI is enabling frictionless productivity by providing out of the box web-enabled content browsing and display creation. Fund past performance, as shown, is no guarantee of how the Fund will perform in the future. The PLUS Fund’s investment objective is to seek to offer a competitive level of income consistent with providing capital preservation and meeting liquidity needs. At VantagePoint, we are agile to the core, focused on one goal: to maximize you and your customers' performance with university-led, research-driven solutions that win. VantagePoint: Your national resource for real property research. VANTAGEPOINT PLUS FUND CLASS R12- Performance charts including intraday, historical charts and prices and keydata. For the portion of the Fund invested in Traditional GICs, effective duration is not applicable and a duration of zero is assigned since their current values are not impacted by interest rate changes. The performance shown has been annualized for periods greater than one year. For additional information regarding the Fund, including a description of the principal risks, please consult the VantageTrust Funds Disclosure Memorandum, which is available when plan administration clients log in at www.icmarc.org, at www.vantagepointfunds.org for institutions, or upon request by calling 800-669-7400. When Funds are marketed to institutional clients by our Defined Contribution Investment Only (DCIO) team, the Funds are offered by ICMA-RC Services, LLC (RC Services), an SEC registered broker-dealer and FINRA member firm. From agile diagnostics to agile insights, agile coaching and agile training, VantagePoint helps you build a world-class agile sales team! It is accompanied by a one-year membership in the VP Institute—a resource for collaboration, training, and tech support. Performance information for this class prior to its inception date is the performance of the Fund adjusted to reflect the estimated fees and expenses of this class. The Fund invests primarily in a diversified and tiered portfolio of stable value investment contracts and in fixed income securities, fixed income mutual funds, and fixed income commingled trust funds ("fixed income assets") that back certain stable value investment contracts. Yes, the fund lost 2.6% for the year, but that finish is still better than 60% of its mid-growth peers. The composition of the Fund's portfolio and its allocations to various stable value investments and fixed income investment sectors, across the fund's multiple tiers, is determined based on prevailing economic and capital market conditions, relative value analysis, liquidity needs, and other factors. VantagePoint includes powerful data refinement tools. The following table displays all of the mutual funds in our database offered by Vantagepoint Funds. In addition, while the Fund's returns are generally expected to follow interest rate trends over time, they typically will do so on a lagged basis. We offer professional advice combined with modern HR technology to get benefits to fit any business type. All things considered, Vantagepoint Growth's showing in 2000 wasn't too shabby. Due to rounding, percentages shown may not add up to 100%. The Fund is a security that has not been registered under the Securities Act of 1933 and is exempt from investment company registration under the Investment Company Act of 1940. VantageTrust Investment Options 6 The share values of the Milestone Funds are not guaranteed at any time, including at or after each Milestone Fund’s target year, which is the year when investors expect to retire and/or begin making gradual withdrawals. • Improved Time to Trend: Configuring Key goals are to seek to preserve capital, by limiting the risk of loss of principal and delivering stable returns, and to meet the liquidity needs of those who invest in the PLUS Fund. Vantagepoint Funds and VT III Funds are collective investment trust funds (CITs) established and maintained by VantageTrust Company, LLC (VTC), a wholly owned subsidiary of ICMA-RC, a New Hampshire non-depository trust company, and the sole trustee of these CITs.