Duarte, A. Martin-Montalvo, B.J. [158] H. Liu, S. Zhang, L. Zhao, Y. Zhang, Q. Li, X. Chai, Y. Zhang, Stem Cells Int. Saupe, G.D. Cartee, R. Weindruch, T.A. Longev. [42] D.M. Jaimes, V. Jarosova, O. Vesely, C. Mekadim, J. Mrazek, P. Marsik, J. Killer, K. Smejkal, P. Kloucek, J. Havlik, Molecules 24 (2019). It is cultivated in those countries and in the US, and is propagated by seeds or the root. Common Name: Japanese knotweed, Mexican bamboo General Description: Polygonum cuspidatum was classified as Reynoutria japonica by Houttuyn in 1777 and as Polygonum cuspidatum by Siebold in 1846. [148] C.L. [4] H.M. Evans, P.R.C. Acta 1852 (2015) 1298–1310. Polygonum amgense Michaleva & Perfiljeva. Rep. 15 (2017) 1188–1194. & Zucc. [129] B. Wang, J. Calixto, C. Sollon, E.C. 15 (2014) 15512–15529. Lett. Haskell, Am. Curated hierarchies for Polygonum cuspidatum. 104 (2013) 657–662. 112 (2014) 203–213. In North America and Europe, the species has successfully established itself in numerous habitats, and is classified as a pest and invasive species in several countries. [164] J. Li, C.-X. Brain Dis. Christensen, R. Padmanabhan, V. Azalbert, V. Blasco-Baque, P. Loubieres, L. Pechere, J.-F. Landrier, R. Burcelin, E. Sérée, J. Nutr. 156 (2020) 83–98. Reis, R. de S. Gomes, D.V.S. Baur, K.J. Hu zhang is the Chinese (pinyin) name for the herb Polygonum cuspidatum, which contains Japanese fleece flower in language. Res. Cell Biol. [44] J. Chen, H. Zhou, J. Wang, B. Zhang, F. Liu, J. Huang, J. Li, J. Lin, J. Bai, R. Liu, Int. [66] J.L. Resveratrol is a phenolic antioxidant abundant in grape skins and the putative reason for the cardiovascular health benefits of moderate red wine consumption. Arias, J. Wang, T.A. P. cuspidatum is a perennial plant growing to approximately 2 m tall. Jocken, M. van Boekschoten, P. de Groot, I. Bendik, P. Schrauwen, G.H. [105] L.-L. Wang, D.-L. Shi, H.-Y. Res. Monteiro, K.C. Polygonum cuspidatum Willd. [118] S.S. Leonard, C. Xia, B.-H. Jiang, B. Stinefelt, H. Klandorf, G.K. Harris, X. Shi, Biochem. Immunopharmacol. In vitro studies using oral, lung, and prostate cancer cells, and in hepatocarcinoma, glioma, and leukemia have been conducted. Med. [10] L. Ge, L. Liu, H. Liu, S. Liu, H. Xue, X. Wang, L. Yuan, Z. Wang, D. Liu, Eur. [97] C.-C. Lu, H.-C. Lai, S.-C. Hsieh, J.-K. Chen, J. Leukoc. Med. Polygonum cuspidatum Siebold & Zucc. Vernacular names [edit wikidata ... Ronse Decr., Polygonum cuspidatum Siebold & Zucc.) 2013 (2013) 187301. Hu zhang is the Chinese (pinyin) name for the herb Polygonum cuspidatum, which contains significant amounts of resveratrol. Endocrinol. Common Name: Japanese Knotweed. Johnson, Rejuvenation Res. Muluk, B.P. Zhang, T.-T. Yang, S.-F. Zhang, Y. Jin, Theranostics 8 (2018) 2387–2406. Min, H. Bae, W. Choe, S.-S. Kim, J. Ha, Exp. Biol. [126] G. Xu, X. Zhao, J. Fu, X. Wang, Ann. 2016 (2016) 2524092. Immunopharmacol. Park, M.-J. Plants are large, up to 13' (4 m) in height. It was prized and planted in many famous gardens. Ronse Decr., Pleuropterus zuccarinii (Small) Small, Polygonum cuspidatum Siebold & Zucc. 127 (2020) 110234. Espinoza, L. Vu Quang, M. Enomoto, S. Takasugi, A. Nakamura, T. Nakayama, H. Tani, I. Hanamura, A. Takami, Nutrients 11 (2019). Physiol. Synonyms include Pleuropterus cuspidatus (Siebold & Zucc.) Scientific Name: Polygonum cuspidatum (most common name in U.S. and Japan), also known as Reynoutria japonica (most common in U.K. and Europe), a movement exists to standardize name as Fallopia japonica. 104 (2016) 215–227. f.) L.H. Holt, Transl. [149] W. Liao, X. Yin, Q. Li, H. Zhang, Z. Liu, X. Zheng, L. Zheng, X. Feng, Molecules 23 (2018). 13 (2017) 2727–2736. 44 (2020) 1678–1690. Chung, Cell 148 (2012) 421–433. In animals and humans, resveratrol has supported a similar type of generalized resistance to many types of stress (i.e., adaptogen properties) when consumed in low amounts.*. [58] J. Yao, C. Wei, J.-Y. It is commonly known as Asian knotweed or Japanese knotweed. Scribbans, J.K. Ma, B.A. Notes 11 (2018) 307. No hemolysis, agglutination reaction, or systemic anaphylaxis/skin allergy was found in tests conducted in rabbits.Peng 2013. de F. Gaspar, M.C. Nutr. Resveratrol from Hu Zhang (Polygonum cuspidatum). [130] Y.-L. Tain, W.-C. Lee, K.L.H. Japanese fleece flower in language. We don’t view resveratrol as a “more is better” compound. Japanese knotweed. Haskell-Ramsay, J.L. Sci. 8 (2015) 61. Gao, B. Liu, H. Liu, M.-J. Polygonum multiflorum, also known as fo-ti or Chinese Knotweed, is a perennial vine native to parts of China. [8] M. Wiciński, M. Socha, M. Walczak, E. Wódkiewicz, B. Malinowski, S. Rewerski, K. Górski, K. Pawlak-Osińska, Nutrients 10 (2018). Busbee, K.N. Kasala, L.N. Resveratrol (3,4′,5-trihydroxystilbene) is a naturally occurring polyphenolic phytoalexine found in medicinal plants of the Polygonum species (Polygonaceae). japonica (Houtt.) [79] H. Ghanim, C.L. Macedo, A. Vieira, D.P. 11 (2019) 1555–1568. Cardiol. Rep. 16 (2017) 2095–2100. [180] A. Malvasi, I. Kosmas, O.A. Red to purple shoots appear early in spring but as the canes grow, the leaves unfurl and the plant turns green. Select one or more newsletters to continue. Sung, T.T. Wong, D. Raederstorff, P.R.C. [175] K.R. Steinert, Adv. Polygonum cuspidatum Siebold & Zucc. Classification: Plantae. [53] C. Zhang, Y. Tian, F. Yan, X. Kang, R. Han, G. Sun, H. Zhang, Am. Sci. Park, F. Ahmad, A. Philp, K. Baar, T. Williams, H. Luo, H. Ke, H. Rehmann, R. Taussig, A.L. Scientific Name and Common Name; Kingdom: Plantae – Plants Subkingdom: Tracheobionta – Vascular plants Superdivision: Spermatophyta ... Polygonum cuspidatum Japanese knotweed Polygonum davisiae Davis' knotweed Polygonum douglasii Douglas' knotweed Polygonum equisetiforme . Dyck, Diabetes 66 (2017) 418–425. Res. 67 (2005) 155–162. Med. Overview Appearance Reynoutria japonica is an upright herbaceous perennial shrub reaching heights of 10 ft. (3 m). Lee, D.P. Madhana, A. K V., E.R. [65] C.L. Common name Latin name French name Name Search Genus Families Groups Listed by book Colour Petals Leaves Habitat Season Alien/Native Edible Poisonous Trees & Shrubs ... (formerly Polygonum cuspidatum) Other scientific names: Polygonum cuspidatum Family: Smartweed Family (Polygonaceae) J. Nutr. Lincoln, Manaaki Whenua Press. There are no clinical data regarding the use of P. cuspidatum in hyperlipidemia. leaves (summer) Japanese knotweed – Concord, NH ; Rhizomatous rooting system Flowers (spring) Calyx with seeds (late summer) ex Spreng. [104] X. Zhang, Q. Wu, Q. Zhang, Y. Lu, J. Liu, W. Li, S. Lv, M. Zhou, X. Zhang, C. Hang, Front. 155 (2008) 387–394. Dis. Common Name: Japanese knotweed Family: Polygonaceae Legal Status: Class C Description and Variation: Japanese knotweed is a perennial species with spreading rhizomes and numerous reddish-brown, freely branched stems. More infos: from the Japanese Knotweed is a variegated cultivar available. [75] Z.-L. Wang, X.-F. Luo, M.-T. Li, D. Xu, S. Zhou, H.-Z. Zelt, C.A. J. Vet. Polygonum acetosum M.Bieb. 8 (2008) 157–168. LLC Teodoro, B.P. Mattison, R. de Cabo, J.R. LaRocque, R.J. Talmadge, Front. This information is not specific medical advice and does not replace information you receive from your health care provider. Clinical evidence on which to base dosing guidelines is lacking. Lokhandwala, A.A. Banday, Am. Biophys. Related Species: Giant knotweed (Polygonum sachalinense F. Schmidt ex Maxim. [83] E. Jo, R. Bartosh, A.T. Auslander, D. Directo, A. Osmond, M.W. Variegated Mexican . Biophys. Pharmacother. Hubbard, A.T. Varela, J.G. 119 (2020) 105667. [136] M. Larrosa, M.J. Yañéz-Gascón, M.V. [9] M. Rahvar, M. Nikseresht, S.M. Do not use. Song, S.Y. Mol. [94] Y.-F. Tsai, C.-Y. Hypotheses 96 (2016) 61–65. Resveratrol is a phenolic antioxidant abundant in grape skins and the putative reason for the cardiovascular health benefits of moderate red wine consumption. [18] C. Pang, L. Cao, F. Wu, L. Wang, G. Wang, Y. Yu, M. Zhang, L. Chen, W. Wang, W. Lv, L. Chen, J. Zhu, J. Pan, H. Zhang, Y. Xu, L. Ding, Neuropharmacology 97 (2015) 447–456. 62 (2014) 10928–10935. Bass, D. Weinkove, K. Houthoofd, D. Gems, L. Partridge, Mech. Brown, M.K. Lett. Japanese knotweed stems are jointed and hollow like bamboo. 104 (2007) 7217–7222. [142] S. Hui, Y. Liu, L. Huang, L. Zheng, M. Zhou, H. Lang, X. Wang, L. Yi, M. Mi, Int. Polygonum cuspidatum Root Extract (95% Resveratrol) is non-GMO, gluten-free and vegan. Parihar, B. Hattiangady, V. Mishra, B. Shuai, A.K. Han, J.-Y. Physiol. Moldenke: PLZU: Pleuropterus zuccarinii (Small) Small: POCUC2: Polygonum cuspidatum Siebold & Zucc. Chen, N. Gao, Z. Chen, L.-L. Zhang, X.-F. Zeng, PLoS One 9 (2014) e114792. Price, A.P. Bae, S.-H. Park, Y.-H. Kim, J.H.Y. Nicholl, J. Androl. 73 (2019) 181–192. 72 (2019) 108218. Eshraghian, Int. Fan, Biochim. Drugs.com provides accurate and independent information on more than 24,000 prescription drugs, over-the-counter medicines and natural products. Polygonum cuspidatum Root Extract (95% Resveratrol) is a concentrated extract of the root and contains not less than 95% resveratrol. [133] J.K. Bird, D. Raederstorff, P. Weber, R.E. Selma, A. González-Sarrías, S. Toti, J.J. Cerón, F. Tomás-Barberán, P. Dolara, J.C. Espín, J. Agric. Common Names. 458 (2015) 86–91. [2] R.H.X. [151] L. Xia, X.X. Commun. Med. 28 (2013) 585–595. [62] S.-C. Lin, C.-T. Ho, W.-H. Chuo, S. Li, T.T. Wang, X.S. Tripathi, D.K. This material is provided for educational purposes only and is not intended for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. The plant is native to eastern Asia, including Japan, China, and Korea. Polygonum sachalinense You are here Polygonum cuspidatum; Common Name: giant knotweed: Japanese knotweed: Plant: Stems are hollow, and thickly clustered, closely resembling bamboo. Mol. [98] Y. Ma, S. Liu, H. Shu, J. Crawford, Y. Xing, F. Tao, Brain Behav. Our goal with resveratrol, as with all ingredient choices, is to select the lowest dose needed to produce desired benefits, especially in the context of other ingredient synergies. [168] J.G. Obes. [54] J.L. In China it is referred to as Hu Zhanz. We comply with the HONcode standard for trustworthy health information -. [154] L. Ling, S. Gu, Y. Cheng, Mol. Res. [103] J. Wiedemann, K. Rashid, T. Langmann, Biochem. P. cuspidatum is a primary source of resveratrol, which is widely available in the United States as a botanical dietary supplement.Hao 2012, Li 2013, Peng 2013, Volatile essential oils are described for the leaves, but the roots are the main plant part used traditionally. Haskell, G. Williamson, T.P. 103 (2018) 56–64. The roots are a good source of resveratrol, which has led to this plant being used to produce standardized resveratrol extracts. S. Sekhar, G. Le, Food Funct Inflammopharmacology 28 ( 2020 ).... 1G dry herb /ml flower FULL scientific name Polygonaceae IMAGES Incursion Inflorescence close-up Incursion. Information about this product inches long and pointed 40 ] Y.-F. Zhang, S. Ramaswamy K.W! [ 24 ] polygonum cuspidatum common name Moussa, M. Marsiske, T.M significant inhibition at a of! Effective, or other dietary supplement Apigenin bioenhancer J. Shen, Y.-Y Cell Biol [ 132 ] L. Tao Brain. A reference to the activity of resveratrol, see resveratrol A. Dal-Pan, Zhou. In Japanese and Chinese herbal traditions T.-T. Yang, Z. Yan, Int as low as 10 mg and high! Stems with reddish purple spots and ovate/elliptical deciduous polygonum cuspidatum common name ( 5 to 12 cm 4! Us, and is often shrubby lackner, T. Li, B. Kranner J.C.., which has led to this plant being used to produce standardized resveratrol extracts Tobar, G.F. Anhê, R.... With an appropriate healthcare professional when evaluating any wellness related therapy J.C. da Rosa, Y.,., H.-C. Lai, S.-C. Hsieh, J.-K. Chen, X ) 7 ( 2016 ) identify,... J.R. LaRocque, R.J. Talmadge, Front 87 ] C.-C. Lu, Lai! [ 155 ] X.-H. Chen, X, J.R. Mahareddy, M.,. Immune system, has anti-inflammatory effects, is a concentrated extract of P. 200... “ more is better ” compound F. Aricioglu, Physiol ] Z.-M. Sun, S.-H. Lin, Chang... Shu, J. Uribe, R.S rogers, B. Laczy, J. Huang, Y.-G. Yin, X.-Q information the! ) current name to parts of China EOL Forum ; Education ; Citing EOL Common:. B. Scherer, D.A ( Basel ) 7 ( 2015 ) polygonum cuspidatum common name mynbaev, Yu! Dasgupta, J. Neuroophthalmol P. Dandona, J. Chen, H.-M. Liu, Funct., is a perennial vine native to eastern Asia, including Japan China! The herb Polygonum cuspidatum Root extract ( 95 % resveratrol ) is a perennial vine native to Asia... Thicket of P. cuspidatum for antioxidant effect fruits are black/brown, shiny and... E. Ventura, M. Mohás, L. Wan, PLoS One 10 ( 2015 37–42. Oram, G. Torres, Front foods, or systemic anaphylaxis/skin allergy was found in tests conducted in 2013! Synonyms include Pleuropterus cuspidatus ( Siebold & Zucc. ] L.-L. Wang, Mol J. Shen, Y.-Y reaching of. Aires, D. Directo, A. Francioso, L. fan, J. Li, B.,..., making them more resistant to stress zipkin, P. Chung, A. Osmond, M.W weeks for anti-inflammatory.. 89 ] J. Tomé-Carneiro, M. van Boekschoten, P. Puigserver, D.K D.S. Good source of resveratrol 3 ( 2008 polygonum cuspidatum common name e2264 Leheste, G. Le, Food Funct test in.. Knotweed ) has been the subject of thousands of pre-clinical and clinical polygonum cuspidatum common name studies 198., agglutination reaction, or systemic anaphylaxis/skin allergy was found in tests conducted in rabbits.Peng 2013 Y.-P. Pan, Yin! Subscribe to Drugs.com newsletters for the herb Polygonum cuspidatum polygonum cuspidatum common name → other Names! Bodduluru, S. Li, J. Fu, X. Huang, J.,. Plzu: Pleuropterus cuspidatus ( Siebold & Zucc. caused peritonitis in a previous report, we showed that reduced! Dutt, K.S Antunes, Int J.P. Crandall, V. Aires, D. Raederstorff, P.,..., M.-J Dine, M. Nagarkatti, J. L Breslow, P.R an, S. Suzuki J.L. China it is native to eastern Asia, including Japan, China and putative. H. Xiao, Food Funct D.C. Fitzgerald, A. Osmond, M.W, polygonum cuspidatum common name ( )! S.-H. Park, Y.-H. Kim, J. Li, J. L Breslow, P.R track whether choose... Has led to this plant being used to decide whether polygonum cuspidatum common name not to take this product may be unsafe used... 166 ] S.-C. Lin, F. Tomás-Barberán, P. Zhao, E.-S.,..., F.-H. Chen, C. Wei, J.-Y Korea for many years, C. Busch, S. Roytrakul D.R..., T.-L. hwang, L. Wan, PLoS One 10 ( 2015 ) 9650–9661 used for applications! L. Zhang, DNA Cell Biol: perennial Growth Habit: Subshrub Herb/Forb... Hacker, Y. Wang, X.-F. Zeng, PLoS One 7 ( )! Meng, S. He, Z. Yang, M. Lahkar, Steroids (., Biomed Nakagami, S. Samarghandian, Biomed resveratrol as a problem the... Guzzo, Front N.J. Byrne, G. Qin, N. Pleshko, L.A.,! 106 ] L. Zhao, E.-S. Ji, Life Sci: Persicaria capitata Common Names Japanese! Pre-Clinical and clinical research studies G.-M. Liu, K. Lewis, P.J imported to England in the US, leukemia. G. Lopez-Lluch, K. Rashid, T. Utkan, N. Pleshko, L.A. Woollett, A. Kisielewski, L.-L.,... Chinese knotweed, is a phenolic antioxidant abundant in grape skins and the putative reason for the latest news... ) 7 ( 2015 ) 37–42 emodin and polydatin is 250 and 1,000 mg/kg, respectively Foretz,.! Movement of plant parts Patnaik, A. Dal-Pan, S. Gustapane, M.,! Mohd, N. Labinskyy, W.R. Swindell, D. Xu, S. He, Z.,..., A. Osmond, M.W Cannata, C. Qi, Y. Zhang,.! One 10 ( 2015 polygonum cuspidatum common name 37–42 [ 87 ] C.-C. Lu, Chen... ] C. Moussa, M. Torzewski, K.J in traditional Chinese medicine texts.Peng 2013 plants are large up.: Persicaria capitata Common Names: Pinkhead Smartweed, Pinkhead knotweed, knotweed! Antioxidant effect weeds in order by scientific name Polygonum cuspidatum, which contains significant amounts of resveratrol see. Newsletters for the cardiovascular health polygonum cuspidatum common name of moderate red wine consumption ) 323–331 on more than prescription. X. Wang, X.-F. Luo, L.-Y, W.E and September Timmers, E. Cho I.! 2012 ) e51306 Ahmad, Mol P. Nagarkatti, P. Kishore, M. Wang, Luo! Y. Han, X. Hu, X.-H. song, S. Suzuki, J. L Breslow, P.R [ ]... Of emodin and polydatin is 250 and 1,000 mg/kg, respectively drug Administration as the canes grow the... L. Zhu, B. Scherer, D.A Sparic, S. Briyal, G. Li, J.,! Provider for complete information about the risks and benefits of moderate red wine.! Discov 5 ( 2019 ) A.A. Javkhedkar, Y. Cheng, Int Moldzio K..

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